Nephrokit Samurai

Protects against catheter related infections


-Securement of catheter exits during session and intradialytic period.

-The “all in one” concept reduces the number of tricky manipulations of the exit ends of the catheter.

-Replaces advantageously the gauzes and high cost pads and pouches.

-No touch technique allows easy aseptic manipulation of catheter ends.

-Thanks to the width of the plastic pouch it easy to handle the exit ends of the catheter.

-Poly ethylene material is easy to slide up along the catheter extremities.

-The tie configuration of the surrounding gauze allows high protective and absorbent function around the exit sites. The window over the exit sites is breathable and allows constant visual control of the exit sites

-The upper adhesive pad is a combination of.

-1 anti-adherent layer, one absorbent layer, and one apertureto ass the catheter ends to the plastic pouch.

-Windowed pad is partially adhesive to reduce adhesiveskin issues observed with many other pads

-The size of the device improves cutaneous comfort for the patient.

-The non-adhesive pouch facilitates the skin antisepticcleaning before dialysis session.

-The design of Samurai improve the quality of the setting up step.

-The closing system ensures a perfect sealing of the pouch after dialysis



Instruction of use